Vallejo California is native to serious talent. From new talent such as SOBxRBE and Nef The Pharaoh to E-40 and Mac Dre’s hyphy era Vallejo has been a highly touted city so it is no surprise that 143 Kane originates from the city. Beginning his musical experience young, 143 Kane would record music on his flip phone after being inspired from watching many music videos on music choice or on demand. 143 has been doing music for about 2 years now and has already experienced some serious media attention as Lyrical Lemonade was the first major company to recognize his variety of talent. The first song to take notice for  him was “Ray Bans” which was released on his very first project. He is set to release one more guaranteed project before the year is over. Though 143 has been limited he is still working within himself. Taking time out of his days to reflect on his next prized move, we can expect more hits from 143.Stream 143 Kane’s mixtape “143 STAY” out now.