Out of Queens, New York Shane FrmDaTrapHouse has released numerous hits. Beginning his run young he explained that he began watching his brother beat box at the age of 7 and began to do the same as well as add lyrics to his. Shane FrmDaTrapHouse’ first take off song was “Dumb$hit” as he went on to explain the amount of love and attention received is what motivated him to continue on the path he encountered.

Shane is expected to release a numerous amount of songs as well as visuals, he has acknowledged that there are some surprise features that will be coming along soon as well. As he continues to grow and mature lyrically, he also looks to expand business wise as he will be dropping his very own merch line soon. Though he hasn’t named any features, Shane FrmDaTrapHouse wants his fanbase to be on alert as he releases because of the surprise features that are coming soon. One exclusive project he has announced is an upcoming EP with Trillthewave & the Official music video for “MOTOROLA” ft. Trillthewave that will be Directed/shot by Nikhil Tash owner and CEO of BhaiStudios. Shane FrmDaTrapHouse is a Splash Bakery hand picked favorite, we’re excited to see him grow as an artist and can’t wait to watch him achieve mainstream success. Stream all of Shane FrmDaTrapHouse music now!