Bbm Deion sending prayers and love all the way from West Texas. Raised in Lubbock, ‘Hub City’, he became inspired by the authenticity of music and motivated by inspirational people to pursue a music career. Bbm Deion has been rapping for approximately a year, long before his song release “ Federate “, inspired him to take upon the music industry seriously. Going forward with his music career, Deion has plans to manipulate his style and sound to reach a new level of authenticity in the rap industry. His main goal is to write a form of art that correlates with the audiences life and emotional experiences Bbm Deion is faithfully inspired by well known rappers in the industry to date and has dreams to work with artists known as 2kbaby and Teejay3k. Bbm Deion is motivated and determined to be a successful rapper within the industry and has upcoming projects formulating with Tru Hearted Kidd.
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