Teks7 is a frequent fan of the channel and he is always on my live and he and I talk about some good music about what will be released or what we have been listening to. As I am trying to get into music he has been a help with some music advice. Teks7 has collaborated with DDK and is on the come up. 


Where in California are you based?

The LA area. 


What is special about your debut project Flight Pattern? 

It is the first time I have ever made a project and it was a lot of effort to group everything together and get features, I took it seriously. I have only been recording for 5 years. 


What other styles have you been trying to get yourself involved with?

I mainly like to stick with my own underground hip hop sound. I plan on making music that people could dance and shuffle to.


Why do you like to do animated visuals?

Visuals are good because it gives a good story to the music and it is more creative. I try to do different stuff visual wise. 


What do you have planned for this month in terms of music?

My last song of the year will be released on the 19th of this month. The song is done and I will be incorporating a lot of new sound and the videos. The release date for the visuals is not decided. I plan on surprising the viewer of this visual for the song. 


Who will direct your next music video?

I have a videographer who helps and I am the director who puts concepts together. My videographer records a lot of electronic style visuals and photographraphy, he is a full time artist and is very unique. I have a visual artist as well who helps out. 


Who produced your song Timez (I actually really enjoy the spooky feel of the song)?

Royjoy is the producer of this. 


Teks7 told me he works on t-shirt design. He will be producing some more of that soon. 


What would you tell someone who is not confident in their music?

Keep the work ethic going. Try different stuff, it is all about clearance. Keep making songs. Eventually you will gain confidence. Work ethic is the biggest part of music. 


Teks7 then told me about how artists should not sound the same. Long songs should have a change in style. You should want people to continue listening to your music. 


Teks7 youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcpVpp64YBqQKapOzzJgtmA/featured