Finding young talent can be difficult when looking for lyrical artists that don’t sound monotonous and can use metaphorical word play to convey to their fans however this up and coming artist, Tazimoe, has been able to find his sound fairly young. Tazimoe is currently a 16 year old teenager from Texarkana, Texas who moved towards the Bay Area. He brings a unique lyrical style from his arsenal as he is able to portray a singing style as shown in his singles “Darkness” and “Going Out Tonight” but can also switch his flow up and produce fast paced sounds like in his songs “Run It Back” and “Fuck Jakes Freestyle.” Tazimoe has grown up listening to a genre of artist but two that have truly touched him have been Lil Wayne and Young Thug. Tazimoe explained to us that Thug has been primarily a heavy influencer in the flow and aesthetic that Tazimoe has set aside for himself. Tazimoe is currently working on dropping a project soon and also has been in the works with Splash Bakery for an up and coming video premiere for his hot track “Run It Back.”

Stream all of Tazimoe’s current music on his soundcloud