I had a chance to interview the legendary texas artist Soulzay. This jersey wearing blunt smokin banger making artist is a part of Doomshop records. Freddie Dredd is also on this label among other underground legends. I first asked him about his projects he released last year. Out of all of the projects he released Still Smokin and All Profit had the most traction.


Lifestyle rap is what soulzay calls his music. This is a pure reflection and he is not putting out an image in his music. His style is smooth and smokey and relaxing and he prides himself on being smooth and making music to smoke to.



Soulzay works a lot with producer dragg. He started working with him online but when they met they had a blast creating music in person as opposed to over the internet. Writing with the producer is a great experience according to him. Eventually dragg moved to texas with the assistance of soulzay.


Soulzay became a part of Doomshop records in 2017. This label is ran by DJ Akoza, Cursed, and MC holocaust. After a show talking with members of Doomshop, he was offered to join the label. Soulzay just found out about them and worked with apoc krysis and many members prior to joining.


Soulzay started an instagram page called alwaysrewind. He showcases clips from movies he enjoys but on a tv with VHS tapes. Soulzay is a movie fan and enjoys dropping references of the movies he enjoys in his music.


Soulzay first learned the concept of making a living with a hobby from his uncle. His uncle was on the radio and everyone knew him and was a local icon. Soulzay originally wanted to play baseball but then went back to music. He looks at music the same way he looks at sports, a marathon.


Soulzay has many links to his work. He has a website with CD’s, merch, and cassettes. He also has a bandcamp. He is on apple music and soundcloud links below!







I am the writer of this article, Mike Hass and I run a youtube channel dedicated to interviews, podcasts, and rap criticism.