If you don’t know Slick Pusha, very soon he will take over your attention. Originating from New York, Slick Pusha has hit the rap scene and hasn’t looked back. With hot releases dating back as far as 2016, Slick Pusha has earned his well deserved buzz through the rap industry.

After discussing with Slick Pusha future releases he has upcoming singles for his fans that he plans to drop soon along with visual work as well. Slick Pusha is also set to premiere with Splash Bakery with different storylined visuals. You can expect more hot songs rallying from his latest hot singles “Lxxk Like a Lixk,” “No Kap,” “Trappin’ and Rappin” and more from Slick Pusha and the Emo Records clique as they expand worldwide with their futuristic sound. 

As we continue to watch the growth of this exciting rapper stream all of his music on all platforms now