Slattedout is a musician/rapper who originated in Glasgow, Delaware, but now resides in New Jersey. For about over a year he has dropped four projects including the most recently released album Old Habits Die Hard. This album features artists such as Jace, Ziare, Paul Butler, LJ, Shelovesjadenn, Lil Sena, and Pvnkk. 


Would you say you have grown since antihero?

Yes I have gained a larger fanbase after antihero and people that disliked that album ended up liking Old Habits Die Hard my latest album.


Old habits die hard the first song of the album and the new albums title showcases the four horsemen of the tri state area 

You have Jace from Maryland

Ziare and Paul Butler from Delaware 

And you slattedout from jersey 

Did the hook that you made come before all the verses sent in?

Yes at first it was a song with only Jace then I decided I was gonna add many many people on the song and it fell together nicely. 


What do the four words old habits die hard mean to you? 

It has been a saying for a majority of my life. This album represents the new revived version of myself. 


You are officially a member of SRG. How did you meet Jace to be an amazing part of this group?

When Jace mentioned me in your interview I hit him up and we started working together and he put me in the group.


You reference Robert De Niro on Antihero, an album that came out in May are you a fan of any of his movies? 

I haven’t even watched any I am not gonna be a rapper that caps. It was a play on pewdiepie having a cardboard cutout of Robert and also dinero is money in spanish. 


What was the first juice wrld song you heard? 

Autograph put me onto Juice WRLD. 


What is the process of finding a beat for a song? 

It is so hard to find beats and I do not give any second chances and I use free for profit beats. I plan on buying all the rights for the free for profits songs to avoid risking the rights being taken. My friend Max makes a lot of beats for me and I end up using them as well. 

Max’s instagram:


You’ve told me you enjoy your normal job. Do you see this as temporary or do you plan on keeping it or in the future just rapping? 

I genuinely love the money I make from my job and the health benefits but I plan on moving down to Delaware and collaborating with more artists in the area. 


Shelovesjadenn is a buddy of yours and is featured on 1 song on this project and other songs amongst your discography when did this friendship start?

I met Jaden at a party and we eventually became friends and hung out every weekend. 

Here is sheloveajadenn’s United masters link:


Did Paul Butler tell you he was changing is style up while recording his verses? I hear him experimenting with the vocal processing a bit during Old Habits Die Hard.

After the verse was sent I told Paul I enjoyed the switch up in style. 


Do you pride yourself on taking multiple one takes on the new project? 

Of course man I do 1 takes a lot sometimes too much. 


You got a bit experimental on the new LJ collab. What was the mindset and outlook during this song? 

I did it out of respect for LJ’s love for Michael Jackson. 


Slattedout appears to be a young artist who has consistently been putting out projects with 4 projects so far this year. He is a hard working normal guy who works late night shifts and has many stories about the ladies. Stream his latest album “Old Habits Die Hard” here is the SoundCloud link:


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