SkinnyBeamen or A mixture of Nav, Lil Uzi and Travis Scott? Today’s Hot Topic is an upcoming artist out of San Leandro California working on inspiring and helping others along the way. SkinnyBeamen first began music when he was asked by a fellow peer, who had been doing music, to move in and continue their dreams. SkinnyBeamen grabs his audience not only from his name but his unique voice. SkinnyBeamen has been able to produce many different sounds, implementing many tools within his arsenal and not settling for one sound. It is not often you hear the creative departure from trap to melodic tones however SkinnyBeamen portrays this unconverted music appearance and is on his way to generating a buzz.

SkinnyBeamen eventually plans on collabing with big artists such as Lil Uzi and Nav. Though he has been limited during this pandemic he has confirmed that he is dropping an EP titled “Why So Serious” and an album called “Any Given Sunday.” SkinnyBeamen is determined to take over the Bay, his creative sound and musically gifted approach along with hard work will allow him to successfully build his empire. We look to keep an open eye on the success of SkinnyBeamen, until then stream his current music and follow him on social media.