Active since 2015, debuting under various collaborative projects, Sister is continuing to build his artistry as one of the most distinctive underground producers in modern hip-hop. Sister has built his game around his versatility, providing beats for artists ranging from boom-bap to trap. Despite the multifaceted principles he’s built on, he continues to retain a clear-cut sound that separates him from the rest; to Sister’s listeners, Sister’s production can be pinpointed just as clearly as works from the most prodigious artists today. 

Starting out, Sister, like many others, began leasing beats to anyone who’d buy them over TrakTrain. He continued to develop his work by venturing into new things, trying his hand at different instrumentation and mixes, while single handedly building up a group of local artists who meshed with whatever sound Sister could put together. That group would eventually form into the Deep Ends collective, who released their biggest single Splash! in April 2019, and their album Eighty months later. The numbers surpassed any and all expectations. Fans, new listeners, and other artists all over the world praised Eighty, citing Sister’s production especially as unique and cohesive. Since, Sister’s found recognition through collaborative efforts with solo records from the Deep Ends collective, eugene cam, ladiesmile, and others. He complements the strengths of any artist that reaches out, matching their flows and style with distinct melodies and catchy drum patterns. At 19 years old, only time can tell what Sister will be capable of, but his rise to stardom is certainly a matter of “when” rather than “if”.