Rugga Gambino is a singer/rapper based out of Delaware. Rugga is the leader of The Mob, a music group in Delaware. Rugga will release his new album “The Lost Owl” 11/16/2020. This interview was done over the phone as he prepares the release. I have done another interview and seen a studio session. Rugga Gambino is calm but quick to create great art. I have seen him record a song with recording artist and singer Liv it was a transcending experience.


Does the title of the new album “The Lost Owl” refer to yourself or something else?

This refers to me. Being a Lost Owl means being by myself. I am trying to find myself while leading a flock. The flock being The Mob.


The single off of this was Warzone was this a song about the game or reality? 

This was a song about Reality.


Did you prefer Warzone or Reasons out of the 2 singles released?

Reasons is more of how I feel now. 


Is this album gonna be a more hardcore album or romantic or a mixture?

This will be a mixture of everything the listener will get all that they need to get through their lives emotionally.


How often are you in the studio?

Every other day. 


How did you meet Giovanni and the fellas at gritty?

I met him through Schemefromde. 


Do you ever plan on collaborating with your cousin FFA Johh?

We have many songs that have not dropped and we will definitely work together more. 


Which producers helped out with the project?

Swishydagod helped out mainly on this project.


How did you find Liv and will you release any collaborations with her again?

We were friends for a while and collaborations being released are up to her on certain tracks. 


Do you see this album as an improvement over Leader of The Mob?

Yea this is way over 1000% over that album. 


Anything else you wanna say before we wrap the interview up? 

The label the album is released under is Gritty2700 we are the new NWA.