Qfrmbricks’ out of Poughkeepsie, NY is on the rise and is making a solidified name for himself in the rap game. Qfrmbricks’ recently released a 6 song Ep titled “Ricch Forever.” The project shows many versatile rhythms as Qfrmbricks’ is able to show a singing style as well as drill rap with a mixture of singing over drill beats. Qfrmbricks’ expressed that this Ep is a representation of the struggle and pain he’s experienced and has overcome with music. He was extended a helping hand with the Ep from Rowdy Man, as he is the only feature on the viral Ep. Rowdy Man and Qfrmbricks’ accompany each other well and add good variety to each other’s music. Pushing his flow heavy and story, Qfrmbricks’ has a very unique style and is well on his way to making a career industry run. Qfrmbricks’ has begun this journey and hasn’t looked back, we look forward to continuing watching his success as well as new releases. Stream all of his current music out now