Today we caught up with Nphil out of North London and dove into his life. Nphil got into Music young and has always had a passion for it young. He explained to us that at a young age his friends and him would do mini cyphers during their breaks, this where Nphil first began his career and would find his love for it at this stage

Being inspired by artists such as Lil Wayne and Chipmunk, Nphil was aiming to be the best and his inspirations made him feel as if anything was possible when he was doing music. Nphil explained that he’s been making music for roughly 6 years but didn’t start to take it seriously until about 6 months ago and started to treat rap as a craft in order to further his talents. Nphil is set to release his debut mixtape that he’s been working hard on, he believes fans will be able to get a solid feel for what he brings to the table as an artist. He’s been working with our good friend Warman Beats on the mixtape and we’re excited to hear it when it drops. As we continue to watch the growth of Nphil stream all of his current music out now !