It’s not often you find music from artists who sound like they’ve been in the game for 5+ years but only released a debut single. We teamed up with up and coming Florida artists Mattera to discuss the premiere of his debut single “Shoreline.” This 80’s style song is a good representation of how Mattera executes new style with old and is well on his way to making a career. The song lyrically challenges his audience to keep up and acknowledge his word play, you won’t wanna miss it. 

Mattera has been inspired by the late and prestiged Mac Miller, he explained Mac’s ability to express himself on different beats and grab any audience inspired him to dive in and do the same. Mattera is currently working on an EP with a close friend from Seattle by the name of Nate. He’s also been collabing with producer AndyJ and is looking to drop more music very soon.

Mattera is continuing dropping more relaxing music as well as pop music, he is able to stretch and manipulate beats with his creative bounce of writing and singing. Mattera explained to us he would like to collaborate with legends such as Travis Barker, Ozzy Osbourne and even Machine Gun Kelly. 

As we continue to watch the growth of this south native we look to watch for his upcoming releases and projects. 

Stream his current single “Shoreline” now