Representing Philadelphia, we teamed up with Moodooski to discuss his upcoming and what’s in the works for his fans. From the age of 8 Moodooski had been surrounded by music, as he stated that his uncle got him into rap when he wrote him a verse at the age of 8. Moodooski has been doing music for about 4 years and has seen good success, his first song to do good numbers was “Neva Slipping 2” which was released back in 2018. Following up he then released “Dreamin” with a visual to match.

Dreamin shows the versatility and lyrical play that Moodooski is able to portray to his fan base. Moodooski has announced that his fans can expect more music along with creative visuals to match. He’s soon set to release a visual to a collab song called “Raw.” We look to continue watching Moodooski grow and reach mainstream success, stream all of his current music out now !