I had a chance to Interview Chester rapper MirGeez who currently resides in Bear Delaware and has been putting out music since he was 19. MirGeez is a apart of the growing Delaware rap scene and has a lot of good, wise stories to tell. At 23 he has a son and is a great working father who mostly likes to smoke and play basketball which is how I met him.

Songs like Apology Accepted and Mentality are his most recent works. I will link his soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/mirgeez21/tracks

I asked MirGeez about his studio experiences he said this about engineers in general:

“Learn your artist because if you don’t that one artist you fucked over for that 30-35 dollars you feel me gon probably go to someone else and make a banger and you gon be like he was here like nah”

I mentioned the infamous negatively perceived Smokepurpp freestyle and MirGeez explained why he doesn’t like to freestyle:

“That’s why I really don’t like to freestyle like, I don’t like to say dumb shit, like you know when everyone in the cypher and you know your friends all growing up trying to be on that rap shit and that one ni**a say that dumb shit and everyone stare at him funny cause he said something stupid”

MirGeez is a wise guy this is what he has to say about making mistakes:

“If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you just gon keep repeating them, and then people gon have some thoughts about you, and then they gon treat you some type of way just because of what you already showed them.”

MirGeez’s top 5 rappers is

  1. NBA Youngboy
  2. Lil Durk
  3. Rumel
  4. G Herbo
  5. Lil Wayne

MirGeez has started a clothing line and record label Rare Breed Records, I asked him what his big plans were for Rare Breed, MirGeez said this:

“The merch is definitely doing good and people are buying it but big plans? I am trying to get back into doing these shows and I am trying to find a couple artists that are working and serious”

MirGeez is a wise rapper with lots of life experience, for the full video version of this interview check it out on the mike media inc channel I am the writer of this article, Mike Hass and I run a youtube channel dedicated to interviews, podcasts, and rap criticism.

Link to the full interview video here