Originating from the city of Indianapolis to now Texas, we have caught up with Tommy Brown to discuss some encounters he’s dealt with musically as well as talk about his future plans. After serving 8 years in prison Tommy Brown realized he couldn’t let his life pass him by. Instead of sitting around feeling bad about his situation Tommy Brown explained to us how jail helped him get on path with his musical career. With the saddened loss of his brother and being motivated by other people on the yard, Tommy Brown felt that he could leave his mark on the industry, and this is just what he has done. From the prison yard to across the world Tommy Brown has been able to make a name for himself through the releases of his songs “Kitti Red,” “Bust it 4 Da Mob,” and “I’m on Fire” which now has over 100k streams. This Artist is able to add his unique sound to any style of beat and still manage to put out great music. Tommy Brown has announced he will be releasing a bigger project once he collabs with DJCHAMP to produce the project. A pivotal point in Tommy Browns career is when he watched everyone on the yard sing along to the music he would create, he admitted to creating the majority of his tunes while actually incarcerated. We expect big success for this artist and can’t wait to watch him pursue mainstream success. Stream his latest music on Spotify and Apple Music now !