We caught up with a Splash Bakery Favorite Mattera to discuss the upcoming of his new Ep and listen to the first song release from it. Mattera released ‘Drunk Night Interlude’ to give fans an idea of the Ep vibe. The song is a slow paced beautiful song, it allows the audience to get lost in the feel of it and the lyrics. Mattera’s flow is unique amongst other artists because he’s able to test out different ideas and creative techniques and still include his original style to accompany the new techniques he tries overall making really good music. Mattera went on to say he’s been practicing a lot of different genres since he’s made a move to Tallahassee, Florida. He’s stated that being in this new area has inspired him and sparked a new creative thought amongst his already solidified foundation. We’re excited to see Mattera grow, he’s well on his way to making an industry run. Mattera is also set to premiere with Splash Bakery very soon, until then stay up to date with all his new music and stream his latest single ‘Drunk Night Interlude’ in the meantime !