Mattera is an outstanding artist, we’ve been keeping up with this artist since releasing his debut single “Shoreline.” He teamed up with his good friend Nate to make the beautiful “Shoreline” hit song. Mattera is special, we must give him his flowers and appreciate his music as he continues to bless us with some. Mattera has just did a cover for YUNGBLUD’s single titled “Kill Somebody.” The video is a great representation of how creative the director Nate Gillet and Mattera are together, we hope to see more collaborations amongst the two as they grow into music machines.

Watching the delivery of Mattera you can’t help but want to hear more of this beautiful voice he has to offer to the world, his ability to grasp an audience with his appealing voice is second to none and should very much be appreciated now. Splash Bakery is a heavily fanned favorite of Mattera, we’re hopeful to one day work with the great Mattera before the year is up. Continue to watch the cover by Mattera and stream his music Out Now!