Fairfield’s rising talent, Lul DreDay, is a certified banger maker. From the release of Benjis on his project “Born To Ball,” Lul DreDay has made serious noise while dropping his music. Lul DreDay first began to receive media attention when he caught hold of Thizzlers eye, this is where he realized he could make a soon industry run. Finding this passion young DreDay realized a dream could be manifested when he saw his music doing serious numbers as well as being played throughout his city heavily as well as out. Partnering up with DreDay has allowed us to confirm he’s working on an upcoming EP and said his fans can expect a lot more party music as well as lyrical music as he continues on his musical journey. He plans on also releasing many visuals back to back to current unreleased singles, his current single “Corona” has over 100k streams.

Lul DreDay has worked with other high touted artists such as Kai Bandz and DB.Boutabag. DreDay and Kai Bandz currently have an EP project released together under the name “Young King’s.” 

DreDay has no confirmed collabs yet but we look to continue watching his growth. He and his fellow peers have been able to shake the Bay Area up. We will continue the following the path of this Bay Area star.