Lil Sena is an artist based out of Burgettstown, Pennsylvania and is doing all of this at just 12 years old. Sena is a rapper who is not trying to be something he is not. Heavily influenced by Juice WRLD, Lil Sena has done many collaborations with Jace (of SRG), kidds4vage, and slattedout. 


How did Jace come in contact with you to work with him on the XXX project? 

Jace heard a verse on one of slattedout’s songs and hit me up to collaborate. 


You and him have a collaboration album coming soon. What is the title and how is the writing for that?

We haven’t decided on the title. We decided on having 10 songs on the album and only 2-3 features. The features are undecided. 


How has Juice WRLD inspired you, delivery, subject matter, or both or something else?

Juice WRLD is the one that got me heavily interested in rap music and helped me conquer my fear to create music. 


Were you a Juice WRLD fan prior to his death?

Yes I was actually an early fan when Moonlight came out which was before Lucid Dreams. 


You have released 2 solo albums, which is more special to you, Can’t go back, or In the End?

In the End because Can’t go back was not organized and had a bit too much tracks. In the End was more on topic and organized. The collab album with Jace is gonna be special. 


Do you mix everything by yourself?

Yes, using bandlab it is not really a popular software. 


Do your family members know about your music?

A majority of my family does but they don’t keep up on my recent music. I think they would be surprised by my progression with my music. 


Do any friends of yours do music or something creative?

No not really, nobody, actually they have tried but failed miserably and gave up on it. 


Tell us who created your soundcloud logo?

Jace created it. 


Who else besides Juice WRLD inspires you?

Chris Brown (I hate to admit this) and Drake. 


Besides the Jace collab project what else do you have planned in terms of music?

kidds4vage and I have a collaboration album planned. This will not be released for a while. I appreciate his support early in my career after he found me on tiktok. His fanbase has embraced me. 

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