Doubted and counted out, Lil Mouse out of south side Chicago is shutting the outside noise out and fine tuning his sound. Recently dropping his latest single Judge Me,” shows the incredible lyrical exercise Mouse is capable of. From singing to drill Lil Mouse can do it all and plans on releasing a lot more of each sound. 

Being doubted brought Lil Mouse to a state of reflection and allowed him to silence the haters with his current booth work. Being surrounded around Chicago greats like Lil Durk, G Herbo, and Polo G has made Mouse work extremely hard to prove he is still headed to the top. Constant work in the booth to produce for his fans is being put in, Lil Mouse and his team has confirmed that it is all gas no breaks as he approaches releases for his fans. 

Lil Mouse is among Chicago greats because of his ability to stay relevant, dropping songs as dated back as far as 2012 when he released “Get Smoked” which currently has 7.2 million views on YouTube. Lil Mouse has certainly made a name for himself and his dedication to the rap game, stay tuned as we continue to watch his growth and stream all of his current music now!