it$thaka$h of pikegang interview


it$thaka$h is a part of pikegang entertainment. This is a group of dancers, musicians, producers, graphic designers, and creatives. I interviewed vibemalls, a graphic designer known for his unique style of photo manipulation and makes amazing cover art. it$thaka$h recruited vibemalls after meeting each other at a wild pouya concert. Jake OHM is also a part of pikegang. Jake OHM has a unique style of phonk which is outstanding. Pikegang was started by it$thaka$h’s brother and was originally a group made of dancers in alabama.


it$thaka$h was trying to make different music than others in Alabama with the more horror and dark style of rap not being popular there. We agreed that the appeal of his type of music is due to its explorative tone and mix of g funk and devil oriented rap. The reigning underground groups are schemaposse and doomshop, but pikegang is on the rise.


I was surprised to learn that pikegang even had video game streamers as a part of this group. They are mainly an entertainment group not just music. While it$thaka$h enjoys his small underground group he eventually wants to work with many other larger artists including various members of doomshop records.


While we were discussing exciting concerts he went to he brought up that he saw Ghostemane perform in a church. I was surprised due to Ghostmanes’ devil oriented lyrics and after doing my research I found this to be true. it$thaka$h seems to be a huge fan of many artists like him, but strives for more. His unit of friends and collaborators is a good unit and seems to benefit him with vibemalls and Jake OHM doing a lot of cover art for his music.


THERETURN is the single off of his next solo EP and you can check this out when it drops on the 27th.


Here are the links to it$thaka$h’s social media and music:


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