Ztonerx (pronounced stonerx) is a local Delaware rapper. I was invited to do an interview at his residence and he greeted me with an interesting display of graffiti art on a wall that represents his emotions. We discussed his time in the military, his favorite xxl freshman freestyle, his recording process, his influences, awkward music video shoot moments, and more.


To start it off Ztonerx and I discussed how I met him. We met through rapper Misxnayy which he will be doing shows in New York with in the upcoming weeks in order to promote his upcoming project which will be released around Halloween. Ztonerx met nay by selling some Al Capone Cigarillos and while he was selling thee he would promote his music. Through this Nay became a fan and then became a close friend to him for years and they have a song released together called “Magic.”


Ztonerx is a fan of many types of music. He loves him some Bob Marley and the peaceful stoner attitude he represents. I wore one of my many Bob Marley shirts to the interview. Ztonerx like him some Drake and Partynextdoor as well.


I asked Ztonerx would he rather perform at Coachella or Rolling loud? He said Rolling loud but he stated that he respects Coachella a lot as well. I then asked about what song he wants to perform at his upcoming shows in new york. Ztonerx said he will try to perform his most popular song “Mona Lisa” as much as possible. The performance dates are 10/17, 10/23, and 10/24. Check out his instagram here for more information: https://www.instagram.com/ztonerx/


I wanted to hear a bit more about his upcoming project. As stated before, it will release around Halloween, but he told me this will be a different type of project. The last project he completed titled, “Wave” was a rather improvised project and more of an experiment of flows. This new project will be more structured and well written he told me and he basically told me he has his shit together with the new project.


I saw a large protective vest on the couch as the interview was going down and I asked him about this. Ztonerx then proceeded to tell me he was in the military for 3 years. I wanted to know his best memory of military life and he told me he was the only soldier who got away with trappin out the military base.


Overall Ztonerx is a calm but funny individual and has a lot of good stories to tell. It was a joy to interview him.I am the writer of this article, Mike Hass and I run a youtube channel dedicated to interviews, podcasts, and rap criticism.


Video version of the interview link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eO50NP42vo