Arkensik is the creator of a successful youtube channel on youtube mainly based around the video games fortnite, GTA V, and Rainbow Six Siege. He is also a musician and releases music regularly. His latest album Arkensik meets the world will be out soon!


Arkensik is an indian american and supports many other indian rap artists. The biggest indian rap artists he supports are NAV and Lil OP. Lil OP is a huge inspiration and he has been a fan of Lil OP for years.


Arkensik has around 23k subscribers on his gaming channel. He has gained a lot of traction after doing videos about account merging. These videos gain traction after his channel almost died while doing fortnite music edits. He does videos detailing leaks which many people claim to be false. Arkensik expressed to me that his sources are very reliable and public.


Being from a philly suburb he has many friends that assist him in his endeavors. At home though he faces many pressures to do school and sometimes this can even get in the way with his weekly video schedule.


His music has been a large focus currently. KSI and other youtube rappers have been inspiring to him. These youtube rappers showcase it is possible to do both. After KSI did songs with trippie redd and rick ross and many other large artists Arkensik realized it is possible to do both.


Check out his social media link below for updates on when the new album will release!


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