With an assorted blend of R&B, pop, and alternative influences with the likes of The Weeknd, Derek Wise, and ZAYN, Jaye Flore attracts fans from all over the musical spectrum. From Vacaville, CA; Jaye’s energy and passion are consistently on display, singing over bass-heavy, ethereal production, garnering a developing fanbase even if his first EP has yet to drop. As the main singer in the rap collective Deep Ends, Jaye diversified what the group brought to the table, throwing his talents into the mix to cohesively bring the collective’s EP, Eighty, together. Jaye writes beautifully heartfelt music, explaining the difficulties of love, connection, and the balance between caring for others while looking out for his interests. Jaye continues to develop his sound, mixing his own music to ensure that what he releases is exactly what he wants the world to hear. Where most singers tend to fall back and let their camp handle the details, Jaye refuses to release anything less than perfect. His main focus and goal of music entirely is to put the listener in his perspective, to create an atmosphere for the audience to thrive and feel what he feels in a deep yet ambient way. At just 19 years old, Jaye Flore has surpassed the expectations of not just those around him, but the progress that many of his influences had made at the same age. As Jaye continues to find his footing in the music world, he only grows stronger–and his music documents the story. Upcoming projects are in the works as of now. His most recent single “Change” is out now on all platforms and is coming out with new content very soon.