From Movies to Music what can’t Khyran Shank do? We can guarantee there isn’t a hustle this man can’t take on, we partnered up with Indiana origin based Khyran Shank to see just what he has in store for the rest of 2020. Catching up with Khyran he has admitted that he’s taking his time with the musical side as he plans to release a short film along with a couple new singles and even an EP. With Covid-19 ruining the dates set for his short film to release, Khyran went back to the drawing board and game planned an even stronger way to showcase his one of many talents. Khyran Shank and his team are pushing his upcoming single to hit the billboard charts, he’s announced this is possible as long as he continues to maximize his exposure and take his time with his work. Once the single is released Khyran plans to have a meeting to discuss his next big step with Republic Records, this is going to be a pivotal point for this young entrepreneur. Though Khyran is branching out to find mainstream success he has said he will be holding off from working with a lot of different artists due to him wanting to find himself first and make a name in the industry for himself rather than jump starting through someone else’s career. From Tyler Perry movies, the studio, and hosting a couple night clubs down in La we can agree that Khyran Shank is a certified worker and is truly built for the mainstream run he is pursuing. 

Check out Khyran Shank’s music as well as his instagram page to be updated with all of his new encounters.