We were very shocked to hear the age of this young artist because of his mature vocal stand but this 15 year old future internet sensation has what it takes to make an industry run. Being inspired young by his father, Trilla began making music at a very young age. He actually dropped a track with his father at just the age 7, ultimately initiating his start to music. Trilla can be compared to rappers such as Zillakami or Trippie Redd due to his various yelling mixtures he’s shown along with regular trap music. Trilla dropped a track at the age of 13 titled “Ride Around” which currently has 2k views on YouTube. 


Ride Around is merely the beginning to this extreme career this young artist will have. Trilla expresses that his audience can expect different genres of music in the near future, he plans to record a little bit of hype, R&B, Rock, and Dance hall. Be sure to stream this young and upcoming artist on YouTube.