Enzo Dane is an up and coming Bay Area future pop star. You can’t place Enzo Dane under a single genre. A great example of this is the visceral, hard-hitting hip-hop cut that is the first half of “Slyde” that transitions mid-song into a dejected and reserved tune where Enzo sings about feelings of isolation and deception. From experimental trap banger “1TIME4GENE” to an emotional country-pop anthem such as “No More”, Enzo Dane likes to draw and blend inspiration from his many influences which shine through in each of his songs. Born in Germany at the dawn of the century, Enzo spent a brief period of his childhood here before his parents split and moved to the states.

Initially residing near Florida’s capital for close to a decade, he then moved to Northern California with his mother. Going back and forth from the Bay Area to the Sacramento Valley, Enzo became exposed to a wide variety of genres and artists at an early age opening his eyes to sounds from the hyphy movement of the Bay and experimental scene coming out of Sacramento. He would go on to help form the hip-hop collective Deep Ends that would drop their debut hit single “Splash” garnering attention from labels and artists alike. Currently Enzo Dane is planning on dropping more music, what do you expect? 

Enzo and the rest of Deep Ends is set to premiere with Splash Bakery, it has been confirmed there are multiple projects in the works. 

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