D-Moss is an outstanding sounding artist, with a variety of different styles he’s able to portray to the world. D-Moss stands out amongst a lot of artists because of his lyrical play and versatility is second to none. D-Moss currently has a label under the name ‘Dope Music South Music Group’ with an arsenal of talented young up and coming artists. His plan as far as releases is to unload his fans with 6 hard worked years of music and begin an acoustic Ep of sad melodic vibes, once again showing his versatility. D-Moss is extremely talented stating that he also makes all of his own beats as well as engineers all of his songs, not many artists out there even understand the basics of how to do this. This is what separates D-Moss to be amongst the greats in the near future rather than settling as an up and coming artist. We look forward to watching the success D-Moss acquires over his career. Stay up to date with him and stream his music now !