WSC Tony which stands for West Side of Chester Tony is a rapper/songwriter from Chester currently residing in Middletown, Delaware and he is a part of the ever growing music scene in Delaware. I encountered this musician at a carnival last summer as me and my friend Adithya were filming a comedic Q and A video in public. A couple months later my friend Adithya sent me the link to WSC Tony’s music and I was thoroughly impressed with his beat selection the club banger sounding songs he made and quickly, his song OMG rose to over 5k views on soundcloud. I had the chance to interview WSC Tony and discuss his up and coming album, his favorite early 2010s rap hits, and his love for NLE Choppa and Chris Brown.

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I asked Tony this: “You do a lot of collaborations you always have a solid feature on your songs, who’s your favorite couple of guys to collaborate with?”

WSC Tony said: “My favorite couple guys would have to be 302 Dev, LJ for sure, and I just started working with Ziare but I know we are gonna have a lot of songs coming out with him, I might do an album with him I don’t know yet.”

Next I asked Tony: “I see you post your story about your support for artists such as NLE Choppa and Chris Brown. Are they your favorites?”

Tony said: “Yeah Chris Brown definitely my favorite, out of everyone, after him I guess it would be NLE Choppa because he is my age (17). He has more energy than any other artist.”

After hearing this I thought to myself maybe listening to NLE Choppa’s greatness gives Tony some motivation that Choppa is doing so great at a young age.

Next I decided how about getting into asking Tony about a previous conversation we had about how 2009-2013 was the best time for music and I decided to hear his favorite songs from that amazing era of music.

WSC Tony and I decided on a list of our favorite songs from that era:

  • No Hands by Waka Flocka Flame
  • Bottoms Up Trey Songz
  • Ima Boss by Meek Mill
  • I’m On One by Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross
  • Headlines by Drake

Next it was time to ask Tony about his album and the fact that he has been working on it all year after releasing 3 singles

  1. EJ –  Air BNB (WSC Tony Remix)
  2. WSC Tony – Take a Bite Feat. 302 Dev
  3. WSC Tony – Play Me Feat. Ziare

WSC stated this about his up and coming album: “The mood for the album is letting everything about me in the past just out there but Play Me was just the representation of one situation and each song in this album will represent- it is a story basically and each song in the album is one story and the first song on the album is the most attention grabbing song I have made.”

WSC Tony is one of the realest guys I have known, he is chill, doesn’t sugarcoat things, and gets to work when he has to and expect his tunes to play in the club guys click the links above to listen to his music.  For the full video version of this interview check it out on the mike media inc channel I am the writer of this article, Mike Hass and I run a youtube channel dedicated to interviews, podcasts, and rap criticism.