Originating from white plains New York, SNATCHtheGWAP has just begun his career run in the music industry. Growing up he spent most of his time free styling, he announced to us he hadn’t seen a real studio until 2014. SNATCHtheGWAP differentiates his style amongst others because of his ability to allow fans to hear his deepest feelings and emotions. GWAP’ admitted that he hadn’t began to take music seriously until his jail run from 2016-2018, this allowed him to get in tune with himself and his creative side. With the success of his group Emo Records we can expect a lot of collaborations between him and his group, and a lot more singles. From meeting Mikey Polo and building a strong relationship with other individuals in the industry GWAP’ is well on his way to the top with his team. GWAP’ has announced that he is releasing his first project soon titled “No Bacon” that will feature Mikey Polo along with others, along with a joint EP with 59 Beef titled “How High.” We’re expecting great things from this artist, tune into his instagram to stay updated and stream all of his current music and latest single “Brand New Jz” out on Apple Music now.