I was a big fan of local producer Metro Juulin and his trap metal hits such as John Skinwalker, YUH!, and Hurt Pt. 2. S o j i offers this mean and violent sound to a majority of his songs but at times he can make a smooth atmospheric instrumental. Ryan Schelts is his name and s o j i is his producer name which stands for Sir Octavian Jefferspin III.

As an up and coming rapper myself (No I don’t have any music out) I decided to look at s o j i’s solo profile and see what beats he had made.

s o j i soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/irctavianefferspinlll

s o j i has 5 ep’s, 1 compilation, and 4 mixtapes. All of which contain beats.

I am going to analyze for you 5 beats s o j i has made which each show a different flavor he provides as a producer.

1ego2death3 is a smooth vaporwave beat off of the Panic Attack Beat Tape. Vaporwave is kind of a dead genre but it is obvious s o j i doesn’t give a fuck which is a good thing because this beat is great it is smooth and grows as many elements come together to form this music that sounds dark but at the same time is calming. It was used for the song Off Grid by the rap group Alcoholics Anonymous performed by Metro Juulin and Yung Flannel but remixed with a quote audio clip of genius thinker Martin Cabello III.

Link to off grid right here: https://soundcloud.com/alcoholicsanonymousbois/off-grid-prod-by-s-o-j-i

The instrumental of the Song John Skinwalker by Metro Juulin is a complete trap metal beat in the vein of Zillakami and Thraxx. Actually the performer (MetroJuulin) went to a Zillakami concert and is a big fan. This song is mean and loud and most importantly, a fucking banger.

Link to John Skinwalker (prod. s o j i): https://soundcloud.com/metrojuulin/john-skinwalker-prod-by-s-o-j

8 Bit from the tough as nails beat ep is a beat that samples a video game noise and sounds very digital and cool. This beat is bass boosted and high hat heavy. I truly wonder what the video game this is sampled from is. This beat is a quick 51 seconds. Here is the link: https://soundcloud.com/irctavianefferspinlll/8-bit?in=irctavianefferspinlll/sets/tough-as-nails

Beauty is a beat with a soothing relaxing beat with an odd percussion which stops every now and then and I love this beat so much. This beat is off of the “Type Beats” EP and is the best beat on the 3 beat ep. Here is the link: https://soundcloud.com/irctavianefferspinlll/beauty?in=irctavianefferspinlll/sets/type-beats

F U C K S L E E P is a beat off of the Q U A R A N T I N E D beat tape. This is an energetic hyperactive distorted bass boosted insane beat. If someone makes a song to this beat the rapper or singer better be screaming to match the intensity of the beat it is truly a crazy beat. Here is the link to the beat: https://soundcloud.com/irctavianefferspinlll/f-u-c-k-s-l-e-e-p?in=irctavianefferspinlll/sets/q-u-a-r-a-n-t-i-n-e-d

The writer of this article is podcaster, music and rap critic, and filmmaker, Mike Hass.