Cash Campain has set the game on fire with his latest hot single “Believe Me.” Believe Me is a beautiful song, grasping attention from a wide range of an audience from the new young generation to the old. We dove a bit deeper to find out exactly what sparked interest for the extremely talented artist to make an extremely pivotal song and he stated, “My new single was born out of desire to create a love song that people could play in multiple areas of their life while paying homage to the 90s as always.” Cash Campain has been grinding for a very long time with songs dating back as far as 2016 when he dropped “Cheat Codes” with Caleborate and T. Carrier or as new as his song with Caitlin LeAnne , “Evermore.” Cash Campain is no stranger to hard work and making great music, we look forward to watching his success impact the industry. Stream his latest single Out Now!