Cash Campain and Caitlin LeAnne teamed up to drop the hottest new Bay Area R&B song. Cash Campain has been solidifying his spot and respect in the industry by showing his versatility amongst beats, showing a little bit of everything in his arsenal. The song starts off melodic and soft, captivating an immediate listener to pay attention. Caitlin LeAnne sets the mood of the song by pouring an energetic pulse at the beginning of the song that Cash Campain was able to rally off and introduce his creativity. We had the honor of capturing a quick creative  moment from each artist that allowed us to see what was going on behind the scenes.


Cash Campain went on to state, “It’s my belief that there can never be enough real r&b available to the world. When we came together to make this song I think Caitlin and I wanted to create something organic, that gave people the space to feel and experience something real. I definitely think we achieved that with “Evermore”. The melodies, the musicality, it’s all genuine.” 

And Caitlin LeAnne state’s, “When I was writing Evermore, I knew that I wanted it to embody contemporary R&B. Melodically, I wanted it to be reminiscent of the 90s. The background vocals and the harmonies on the chorus embellish the song seamlessly. Many speak of their desire for real love, but may fail to articulate what real love personifies. Evermore is, in essence, an acknowledgment of a love that is enduring, unparalleled, and completely essential to one’s being.”

Both artists fulfilled  their creative individual goals and made an amazing piece. The beauty is in the music and we’re excited to see the two collaborate on more work together. Caitlin LeAnne and Cash Campain have become official Splash Bakery Favorites and are set to premiere with Splash Bakery very soon. As we continue to watch both artists grow, stream their new release now !