Baby Shaq has just released one of the hottest new songs of 2020, “Credit.” Baby Shaq out of Cleveland, Ohio is a rising up and coming rapper looking to make an industry run. After being in prison for 8 years, Baby Shaq was gracefully released 3 months ago and is now on his quest to let the world hear his rare talent. Being favored by Doeboy, one of the hottest rappers out of Cleveland, has allowed for Baby Shaq to use that leverage and establish his creativity amongst other MCs. Baby Shaq is an extremely talented upcoming rapper, he’s able to portray a strong lyrical appeal and imagery through his lyrics. With Baby Shaq being so unique and able to gravitate a loyal crowd to his talents we can expect nothing but great things from this up and coming artist. For Baby Shaqs fans they can expect a lot of great music from him in 2021 as well as a lot more releases. Stream Baby Shaq’s new single “Credit” Out Now on all streaming platforms.