2021 just began and HD Bandit is on a roll, releasing his second video of the year. We can expect a consistent drop of new and great music from HD Bandit but we can also expect his success to flourish as he continues to grind.

The song “Last Time Shit Talking” is a great song exhibiting strong punch lines and a sick flow. HD is able to express himself creatively over just about any beat, this beat is a heavy paced beat that allows him to punch line after line of straight heat. The consistent sound and music released by HD Bandit helps to continue to persuade his audience in an appealing way. HD Bandit has given us an inside scoop of what is yet to come which is “Bandit Lifestyle 2” an  that’ll be released sometime in March. Fans can anticipate this to be a big and well put together release. HD Bandit is set to premiere with Splash Bakery soon as well, fans can soon expect the collab. Follow HD Bandit on Instagram


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