If you haven’t heard of Yunng Chavo we’re here to provide you another certified hit maker. Yunng Chavo out of San Bernardino  California is currently putting on for the Bay Area and making a name for himself. Being inspired young by his older brother, Yunng Chavo took the torch and never looked back. Yunng Chavo currently has a song out right now with his older brother featuring on it titled Graveyard shift (Ft. SB). 

The goal for Yunng Chavo is to grow tremendously as an artist and build a strong fan base from the Bay Area as well as nationwide. After the current pandemic Yunng Chavo is set to release his very first album “UGBxDTM” before the end of 2020. This project is currently in the works and is set to feature other Vallejo natives as well as some solo songs with visuals to match along with them. With Lil Pete and Capolow being his dream feature, Yunng Chavo is on his way to make the noise needed to pursue working with bigger artists. His natural flow adds variety and appeal to his conspicuous tone. Until Yunng Chavo’s next release stream all his current hits out now !