Tre Cinco is continuing to represent the Bay with his extremely talented voice and lyrical talent. Releasing his latest single titled “Ecstasy,” Tre Cinco uses a melodic tone to accompany the slower but heavy beat tempoed song.

Through every release of Tre Cinco we can watch extreme growth and watch him blossom into the rare talent he’s becoming. Ecstasy is a great representation as to how Tre Cinco switches his flow and accompanies the audience knowing they love to watch and hear his versatility. Throughout Ecstasy Tre Cinco wants his audience to understand the love appeal through drugs, living amongst a world where he’s praised for everything good he’s doing it’s extremely hard finding true love when you’re successful, through his lyrics you can hear the tone in his voice that welcomes the audience in to feel true emotion and acknowledge it rather than run from it. Tre Cinco is well on his way to becoming a Bay Area legend, we expect to see nothing but positive growth in the coming months and years. Stay tuned with Tre Cinco on Instagram

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