I got a chance to interview  Chooga, an up and coming rapper from Vacaville, California. He explained how much he loves the bay area sound and utilizes that in his music but doesn’t claim to be from the bay area. Chooga explains how often people are confused about if Vacaville is in the Sacramento valley area or the bay area.

Chooga explains that the serious and competitive nature of playing football has transferred over into his rapping. He has made diss songs and also enjoys the competitive aspect of the music industry. We both agreed this is an overlooked aspect of rap which other genres do not ever utilize and shouldn’t.


During the beginning of 2020 (it is now 2021) Chooga took a small break from music to experience life and he faced struggles with many relationships and jobs. The struggle of that year led to him having a good finish with more music dropping later in the year including Chex Mex, a new song off of his No Hesitation project.


Link to Chex Mex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5URXddEqbY&feature=youtu.be


This project has features from $ilentshipp, Yuhh Boy E, and M.O.B DAY.


Links to No Hesitation





Chooga is a supporter of Denzel Curry and has been to a concert of his and met him. Denzel was a nice guy to talk to according to Chooga and he loves many of his albums. Te’o and I discussed that there is a difference between supporter and fan. Supporters want to see the person be happy with themselves and what they are doing and respect them on a humane value level. The word “supporter” can also not only apply to creators. Fans are greedy expectation driven cult like base of followers who do not often think of whoever they are infatuated by.


Chooga was a joy to interview and he stayed on topic and was interesting to speak with. Links to his social media and music here:






I am the writer of this article, Mike Hass and I run a youtube channel dedicated to interviews, podcasts, and rap criticism.