Teks7 is an LA based artist who has been working hard to release more music after his debut project “Flight Pattern”. This project had collaborations with Royjoy and DDK. After finding a manager under mike media management and joining the circle of serpents music group in the maddnsake creative collective, he is aiming to release great music with new collaborations. 


7 Keys is an album with collaborations from Pacewon (eminem collaborator), Dead Internally, maddsnake, Unstable, royjoy, and prodigee. 


I asked Teks7 what he wanted to get off his chest with the single for his album “Martin”. Teks7 told me that this was a tribute to his father who had passed away. There is an animated visual on youtube with the song. 


Teks7 had been working a while on the song “Dexter.” There was an amazing hook but the middle verse was not rapped over and he needed to find someone to get on the song. Teks7 found Dead Internally to rap over his self produced beat. Dead Internally freestyled this verse in minutes. 


Teks7 recently joined the “circle of serpents” of the maddsnake creative collective. This is a music group and collective with artists Lee, killxen, maddsnake, zip lock fresher, drac hawthorne and others. The song “island” is a smooth vaporphonk banger produced by maddsnake. This song is also mixed by Dead Internally. 


Teks7 and his manager have been working to get CD’s and merchandise for his album. Stream this album now on soundcloud, apple music, spotify and youtube and other places to listen to music.







I am the writer of this article, Mike Hass and I run a youtube channel dedicated to interviews, podcasts, and rap criticism.