Ryan aka RyTookIt has  made an impact on Bay Area street photography for some time now. Ryan has sparked creative inspiration for many up and coming Bay Area photographers and has been able to capture breathtaking moments 

Ryan first began at a young age realizing he wanted to capture and relive moments rather than experiencing and forgetting the moment forever. He picked up inspiration from LA based photographer Jason C (@Jsun217) however he adds his own variety and unique taste to his photos. 

Ryan plans to continue capturing moments and telling stories through his photos, he loves to portray positivity in negative photographic situations which is why he began street photography and taking photos at slide shows. Growing up in Vallejo and Fairfield Ryan reps the 707 and wants to continue to provide hope for both cities especially in a time that we are currently in now. His future goals and ideas include finishing off his website and designing a set schedule for his audience to view his work and merch rather than just instagram activity. Eventually he plans to travel more and capture more isolating shots along with different cultures in different areas.

Take a look at Rytookit on social media and check out the rest of his work https://instagram.com/rytookit?igshid=1l3bga5uwug3u