It’s amazing when you come across Bay Area talent that does it all. The Bay has been slept on for years for producing a lot of people with many different talents. We recently came across the extremely unique Delahussle out of Oakland, Ca. This up and coming artist must be praised for his arsenal as he produces all of his music that he records, it’s not often you find someone really good at something they considered a hobby. Dating back to Delahussle’s come up he began music with a couple of friends around the 12th grade. Approaching graduation he realized he’d face reality, school or a job. Knowing his talents he disregarded these gestures but instead worked hard to earn more for himself. Being inspired from Greats such as Kanye West and Chance The Rapper this future Star has incorporated their drive within his musical style.


The Artist currently has a number of singles out on all streaming platforms, two current favorites have been Exquisid and Vague/Touché. Delahussle shows his lyricism through the warm vibes of Bay Area pop with a mixture of his own style and taste. Delahussle has confirmed that he is also working on a solo project titled Delahussle and a couple projects and collabs with his crew Private Party.  Private Party is his collaborative group based out of Oakland California that consist of Gjune, Tomz, DCSM, TimmyDoe and Tmainey. The group does it all from producing to podcast, their fans can expect a lot of variety amongst them as they continue to grow. We are extremely excited to see the rise of this up and coming artist/producer, he is showing promising upside. Until the next release stream current releases out now