Clemy Contraband (aka Filth Rich) has hit the rap scene and been able to leave his lyrical stance on many different people. From dropping hits like “Side Effects” and “Ride Wit Me,” Filth Rich has already made an established name for himself through the hard work and lyrical talent he portrays.

Growing up in Richmond, California Filth Rich wanted to be different, understanding the environment he was in he allowed music to be his way out. He admitted that he began his career young dating back to writing raps around the age of 8 and even having to hide his lyrics from his grandmother who did not approve of the young MC but later went on to accept and respect his creativity. Being inspired by Artists such as Tupac, Mac Dre, Jacka and Lil Wayne, he’s allowed himself to implement creative word play by thinking outside the box and striving to be different. Fans can expect a lot of new music and visuals as he stated he has an upcoming exclusive project titled “Capricornia” and “California 19.” These new projects are expected to be a mix of both lyrical and party music however it’ll be with different variation and style. We look to continue watching the growth of this talented artist, stream all of his current music out now!