Midnight Merc out of Redwood City has shown he has what it takes to make an industry career. Beginning his career with his collective group that consisted of Zj Del Mar, Telescape, CXC Mel,and AdrianQMC , he’d meet with his friends several times a week and they’d enjoy recording together. Giving off the SoundCloud persona it was no surprise to hear that Midnight Merc is inspired by artists like Juice Wrld, X, and Lil Skies. 


Since his time in quarantine Midnight Merc has learned how to produce, he has announced that once the stay at home rules are lifted he plans on releasing more music that is produced by just him. From lofi, Hip Hop, and Atlanta trap it’s been shown just how versatile Midnight Merc actually is and how demanding his sound is. Midnight Merc expresses his fans can soon expect more SoundCloud trap music to accompany his fast and energetic lyrical play.

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