Hunter Dane out of San Bruno is seemingly on the rise. With the industry constantly changing there’s artists like Hunter Dane who are able to adapt and successfully continue to make hits. Starting out as nothing serious, Hunter used music to express himself and release tension. As he grew so did his fan base and lyrical points, Hunter is able to lyrically destroy beats for his audience. Being inspired by artists such as 6Lack, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd, it is evident Hunter Dane has the lyrical capability to surround himself around those sounds.

Hunter Dane first began seeing music success with the release of his song “Secrets” from his second album. This song blew up amongst his school and even became constant memes. As he continues making music he has confirmed he has upcoming collaborative projects with Zj Del Mar, ROXY, JDK, and Rube just to name a few. Hunter has expressed his fans can expect more lyrical music as well as party music, he’s currently also working on an 80’s style song releasing next month. Hunter Dane marvels over his dream features from Kanye West and Donald Glover, with the continuous route he’s taking he’ll be able to secure those features in no time. Hunter would like all of his current fans as well as others to help stand for the BLM cause by contributing donations or reposting of the following

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