Out of Oakland California Gjune and his group Private Party Collective are looking to make a mainstream run. From music to podcast the group is adding variety amongst themselves and has announced that they are adding video production into their arsenal as well. Gjune first began music in 2015 with his group of friends from High School that discovered the school based studio. Gjune would often find himself recording to YouTube free beats in his free time. The articulate artist began to receive his first taste of recognition when he released “Where You Goin” and “Cold”, these two songs sparked the start for this imaginative artist. Gjune has announced he has an upcoming project titled “I AM GJUNE”, with the highlight of the project being no features, is set to release June 5 of this year. Gjune wants his audience to recognize his versatility through his lyrical metaphors, he eventually plans to take over the rap game through his selective R&B and Pop style. Gjune is an all around versatile artists as he stated that he also makes his own beats as well as help others write their music.

Though he is looking to make a solo name, Gjune acknowledged the upcoming collaboration with his creative group Private Party Collective (PPC). The official group members of Private Party Collective consist of Delahussle, TØMZ, DCSM, Timmydoe and TMainey. We will continue to watch this aspiring artist and his commitment to his craft, until his next release stream his current projects