Drool Audrey has released his debut album “95% Aquatic.” From his early success from singles such as “How Then,” “The Distraction,” “Crashed It” and his EP “5% Aquarium,” Drool is following up to bless us with many more certified bangers. The Album is merely a small percent of what Drool brings to the table, his energy is able to be portrayed through every song he releases. From melodic to fast pace rap Drool pushes his talents in “95% Aquatic” tremendously in the album. Hand picked favorites from the Splash Bakery team are “Hurry Up” and “Bermuda,” Drool’s lyrical appeal is second to none and he’s proven this time after time again. We look forward to watching the growth of Drool and his collaborative group “Deep Ends.” Until the next release stay tuned with Drool and stream the album now!