Skoolie300 is a one of a kind of artists and has been able to consistently produce constructive and good music. Out of Hawthorne, California Skoolie300 is looking to flip his life around and be an inspiration to the youth growing up in the same environment.

Though it has been rough Skoolie300 won’t let himself be a statistic or product of his environment, he’s been able to escape the tough reality by expressing himself through music. Through Quarantine he’s managed to stay busy by recording numerous tracks. He’s also announced he has an unnamed collaboration tape with StyliztikJones and has been constantly in the studio with his producer Jedi. Solo work has of course come into play and Skoolie300 is on pace to drop a solo project titled “Process,” he has also stated he’s not sure if it’ll be an album or an EP. The “Process” project will be centered around current endeavors and day to day life challenges, as organic as possible Skoolie300 wants to leave his mark on his fans with this one. Being inspired by movies such as “Almost Famous, Everybody wants To Rule The World” Skoolie uses these movies at his day to day motivations to overcome any and every obstacle he faces as well as the song “Tears for Fears.” Skoolie300 is on pace to premiere for Splash Bakery very soon, as we continue to watch this Splash Bakery Favorite, stream all of his current music out now.