Jace is a rapper/songwriter based in Elkton, Maryland but mainly does his recording in Newark, Delaware. Jace will soon turn 19 September 16th. Jace is one of the founders of the movement SRG which stands for Successfully Reaching Goals. Jace compares this movement to Mamba Mentality (RIP KOBE) and that this is a mindset that everyone can live by. The music artists at SRG are Jace, Tizzy T, Anonymous, and Jay Menace.

I asked him what his experiences or favorite songs recorded at Wonderland or Occupy studios?

Jace’s favorite song recorded at wonderland is Run it Up (with Tizzy T) which got some play at a local college radio station. Jace told me that Wonderland was the first ever studio he worked in he was 13 at the time and since his father was in prison for murder he was calling studios from jail acting as his manager and helping find his son a place to go and record music.

Jace found Occupy studio on instagram and after finishing writing his EP “Miles Away” and his favorite song recorded there was “Fairy Tale” a song with Ziare and is the most played song on his EP.

Jace shouted out a couple local Delaware artists including, LJ, Ziare, Eamon Calhoun, Slattedout, Paul Butler, and MirGeez.

Jace and I discussed the importance of adapting to the time and how sending verses over the computer is a blessing and a curse. Jace told me how Trippie Redd sent a smaller artist a recycled verse over the computer. If someone sends the verse over the computer it is not the same as if you were there to push them in person artistically to complete the verse in a type of way.

Jace’s song fairy tale is about his girlfriend of 4 years. Rappers dating fans is not the look according to Jace so he is glad to have his girl by his side through the excellent creative struggle. She also pushed him not to slack off and write songs.

Jace’s cousin who goes by Anonymous actually pushed him into smoking, getting tattoos, and rapping. Anonymous is a tattoo artist. Jace has a tattoo of SRG and his dead uncle. Among other tattoos.

Jace took a 3 year break from rap and came back with an excellent EP “Miles Away” and I asked him why this break occurred. Jace was not happy with what he was writing and stopped to focus on other things. Then he saw Ziare release a lot of music and got inspired to do the same.

Miles Away is streaming on soundcloud here is the link: https://soundcloud.com/jacob-wheeler-133934249/sets/jace-miles-away

I am the writer of this article, Mike Hass and I run a youtube channel dedicated to interviews, podcasts, and rap criticism.